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August 27, 2013
#84: Tip: Game Rule Commands in Minecraft

This week, we'll manipulate the rules of the game to our will.

August 22, 2013
#83: Spotlight: Hoodoo Minecraft PVP Map

Chad shows off the amazing and fun new Minecraft PVP map 'Hoodoo' by Last_Username.

August 20, 2013
#82: Tip: How to Mod Minecraft 1.6 on Mac and PC

The way to install mods in Minecraft 1.6 and up has changed! Let's cover it from beginning to end on both the Mac and PC.

August 15, 2013
#81: Spotlight: Horse Stats in Minecraft

Need help finding the best horse in Minecraft? This mod will help you out.

August 13, 2013
#80: Tip: Top 5 Mining Techniques

Make your Minecraft mining trips more efficient with these tips!

August 8, 2013
#79: Spotlight: Harvest for Minecraft

You are taking over care of your grandfather's farm who has passed away. Oh wait, that's Harvest Minecraft!

August 6, 2013
#78: Tip: Illuminate Yourself in Minecraft

This week, Chad teaches you the ins and outs of light - the stuff that keeps mobs from spawning and brightens your world.