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August 1, 2007
#51: Chocolate Rain

Apple's got an announcement Tuesday, we speculate, Apple sells 3 billion songs, and we get drenched in Chocolate Rain...

July 25, 2007
#50: Pennsylvania 6-5000

Apple has its best quarter ever, AT&T and Apple number's disagree, and iPhone hacks...

July 18, 2007
#49: Now With Optional Squirt Module

Hide-a-pod, working for Google vs. Apple, and proof-of-concept security...

July 11, 2007
#48: The Next Big Thing Variable pricing comes to iTunes, iPhone hacks, and where's the Mac?
July 3, 2007
#47: That's Our Shooby! Universal challenges iTunes, iPhone hacks, and our software picks of the week...
June 29, 2007
#46: iDay iPhones in hand our MacBreak quartet gives you their first impressions of the latest from Apple...
June 19, 2007
#45: Talk Time iPhone gets a better battery and screen, MacGPS rumors, and Safari holes...