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Get the know how to make technology work for you. Fr. Robert Ballecer and Bryan Burnett show you tech projects that you can do yourself and explain everything from tech basics to advanced techniques.

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September 12, 2013
#60: Video Editing with an iPad

If you take video with your phone or tablet, why not make an amazing video? Today you'll know how to edit video using an iPad.

September 5, 2013
#59: Video Game Front Ends

Today we're going to show you how to watch videos from your local network on your video game system.

August 29, 2013
#58: Switching from iOS to Android

If you've been curious about Android devices, it's easier to switch than you think. Shannon Morse comes by to help out.

August 22, 2013
#57: Turn Your Android into a Spy Cam

You demanded it! Today you'll know how to make your Android into a surveillance camera!

August 15, 2013
#56: Securing Your Smartphone

Terrified that your phone may fall into the hands of evildoers? Today you'll know how to secure your phone in case you lose it.

August 8, 2013
#55: Make Your Phone Into a Universal Remote

Get rid of your physical remotes and control everything with your phone or tablet. See all your options in this episode!

August 1, 2013
#54: How to Fix a Cracked Touch Screen Phone

Burke McQuinn drops by to show us how to replace the glass on a smartphone.