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Tech geeks Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane love their iPads so much, they've created "iPad Today," the TWiT network's first show highlighting the best apps, most helpful tools, coolest tricks, and essential news surrounding the iPad revolution. "iPad Today" is smart, informative, and lots of fun.

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Recorded live on Mondays at 12:30pm PT / 3:30pm ET.

August 15, 2013
#161: Tinder, HowAboutWe, Timeline Civil War!

Leo & Sarah talk about dating apps, what to expect from the next iPad, photo editing apps, and more!

August 8, 2013
#160: MixBit, Rise Alarm Clock, Double Robotics!

Our favorite "field trips" to The Design Museum, world of Dinosaurs, and Rough Guides, the Rise alarm clock, MixBit is taking on Vine & Instagram video, the Double Robotics robot, & more!

August 1, 2013
#159: Imgur, Quip, Retina iPad mini!

Leo & Sarah cover Imgur & the best photo options in the App Store, glasses.com's crazy 3D try-on, Quip makes word processing cool, Bad Piggies are free, & more!

July 25, 2013
#158: djay 2, Glide, FitBit One & Flex

Leo & Sarah show off their iPad exercise stats with their FitBit One and Flex, Glide for video texting, 1 billion podcast subscriptions, djay 2 is live, & more!

July 18, 2013
#157: Hotel Tonight, Duolingo, Tiny Thief!

Lyft & Hotel Tonight, Google Maps and Chrome get updated, IMDB adds tix purchases, Duolingo for language learning, Tiny Thief for game addicts, & more!

July 11, 2013
#156: TouchCast, Badland, Over

10 must have free apps, Badland's a great game, Traktor DJ for synth wizards, Path sticker comments, & more!

June 27, 2013
#155: iOS 7 for iPad, Digg Reader, Atlantic Weekly

Sarah & guest host Iyaz Akhtar talk iOS 7 for iPad, Digg Reader launches, Twitter #music genres, 'Age of Empires' on iOS, Atlantic Weekly for good reading, & more!