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Tech geeks Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane love their iPads so much, they've created "iPad Today," the TWiT network's first show highlighting the best apps, most helpful tools, coolest tricks, and essential news surrounding the iPad revolution. "iPad Today" is smart, informative, and lots of fun.

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Recorded live on Mondays at 12:30pm PT / 3:30pm ET.

March 24, 2014
#191: Loopy HD, Duet, Toc and Roll

Leo & Sarah's music app picks, Apple's new iPad pricing, MS Office coming to iOS this week, why iOS 7 ruins wallpapers, Duet is REALLY challenging, & more!

March 17, 2014
#190: Action: Infinity, Tynker, Daily Burn

Leo & Sarah's app roundup for kids, If You Can, Ellie's TV, Tynker for kid programmers, Daily Burn for fitness, keyboard duh tips, & more!

March 10, 2014
#189: Brushstroke, Smash Hit, Rails, iTunes Festival

Leo & Sarah's favorite news apps, iOS 7.1 is live, Brushstroke for photos, an iMessage duh tip, iTunes Festival, Rails, Smash Hit for stress gaming!

March 3, 2014
#188: Icycle, Card Wars: Adventure Time, Castle of Ilusion

Leo & Sarah's favorite new games, Icycle, Disney's Castle of Illusion, Chromatik for sheet music, SurveyMonkey is a great tool, & more!

February 24, 2014
#187: Tengami, Gneo, Fragment

Leo & Sarah's favorite photo/creative apps, Photofunia, PicLab HD, gesture tips, Gneo for productivity, Tengami is beautiful and unique, & more!

February 10, 2014
#186: Pacemaker, Prismatic, Cinebeat

Leo & Sarah make beautiful tunes with the latest music apps, Prismatic is a fantastic social news tool, Flappy Bird has left the building, Threes is a super addictive game, Flow for Instagram, & more!

February 3, 2014
#185: Flappy Bird, Facebook's Paper, Swiftkey Note

Leo & Sarah's addictive game picks like Flappy Bird, QuizUp, Impossible Road, 5by for videos, Paper is Facebook's best app yet, predictive text comes to iOS, & more!