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Tech geeks Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone love their iPads so much, they've created "iPad Today," the TWiT network's first show highlighting the best apps, most helpful tools, coolest tricks, and essential news surrounding the iPad revolution. "iPad Today" is smart, informative, and lots of fun.

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Recorded live on Mondays at 12:30pm PT / 3:30pm ET.

December 15, 2011
#76: Tweet Better

Twitter has changed, but you don't have to. We look at alternative apps for tweeting on this, Sarah-free, episode of iPad Today!

December 8, 2011
#75: Path 2.0, Office on iPad, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Infinity Blade 2!

Leo & Sarah's favorite apps for real, true friends, Path vs. Facebook lists and Google+ circles, Rdio gets more social, print your Instagram pics to canvas or magnets, & more!

December 1, 2011
#74: Best RSS Readers, Mixel, Anthropologie

Leo & Sarah's best RSS reader app picks, Mixel for creative mashups, Anthropologie for gifts, NYTimes gets better, split keyboard tricks, & more!

November 22, 2011
#73: Black Friday Apps, Google Search, eBay for iPad

Leo & Sarah show off the hottest Black Friday deal apps, Google search trumps Safari, Comcast offers live TV via iPad, Vital Signs Camera, NYTimes The Collection, & more!

November 17, 2011
#72: Got Game? Minecraft, Stuck on Earth, Shredder Chess

Leo & Sarah tackle the latest game apps, Minecraft, Epoch, Sid Meier's Pirates, Zombie Smash, Flipboard gets Tumblr, Stuck on Earth, Gmail app's back!

November 10, 2011
#71: Holiday Survival Apps, iOS 5.0.1, Cherry.com, Aquaria!

Leo & Sarah round up the holiday apps to keep you jolly & fed this season, iOS 5.0.1 fixes battery issues, hidden panorama functionality in Camera app, Cherry.com for outsourced car washes, Aquaria, & more!

November 3, 2011
#70: New News Apps: Livestand, Bloomberg TV+, Engadget Distro, SkyGrid

Leo & Sarah wade through news app mania, Yahoo Livestand, Bloomberg TV+, SkyGrid, Square's Card Case goes hands-free, Animoog, Aelios 2, & more!