iFive for the iPhone

iFive for the iPhone is your top five list of the best the iPhone has to offer. Find the hottest new apps and learn helpful tricks to get the most out of your iPhone. Hosted by Megan Morrone, this fast-paced show will make you an iPhone master in no time.

Airs every Wednesday at 3:00pm PT / 6:00pm ET at live.twit.tv.

December 9, 2013
#69: Hatch, Heyday, Olloclip Macro 3-In-1 Lens

Hatch is your very own iPhone pet, Heyday is your new history journal, photo crop tricks, an Olloclip for your iPhone photographer, control your location history, and more!

December 3, 2013
#68: Heads Up! iPin, Touch ID woes

Party fun with Heads Up! iPin laser pointer for presentations, Touch ID sucks, toggle dark/light theme tricks, & more!

November 25, 2013
#67: Mustbin, Twitter, QuizUp, Cat Academy

Mustbin for saving digital copies of documents, Twitter gets better, tap and drag addresses, QuizUp tests your knowledge, learn Spanish from cats, and more!

November 18, 2013
#66: Google Play Music, Spine, Facebook Messenger

Google Play Music is the all-in-one music lover app, Facebook Messenger gets a nice redesign, Spine for very short stories, an audio Duh Tip, customize Tweetbot, the realtime analog clock, & more!

November 12, 2013
#65: Knock to Unlock, Context messaging, Tweet Library

Knock your iPhone to unlock your Mac, picture messaging with Context, Tweet Library is an archive tool, Google Search is REALLY good, deep Snapchat thoughts, & more!

November 4, 2013
#64: Fantastical 2, Nudifier, Dictionary Tricks

Fantastical 2 is the best calendar app, Nudifier for faux nude pics, turn on multi-language dictionaries, demystifying Weather app’s chance of rain, & more!

October 28, 2013
#63: BBM, RockPack, Tweetbot 3, LinkedIn Intro

Blackberry Messenger hits iOS, RockPack for organized video collections, Tweetbot 3 is brand-new and beautiful, LinkedIn Intro for iOS email, Oyster is a book reader’s dream, & more!