iFive for the iPhone

iFive for the iPhone is your top five list of the best the iPhone has to offer. Find the hottest new apps and learn helpful tricks to get the most out of your iPhone. Hosted by Megan Morrone, this fast-paced show will make you an iPhone master in no time.

Airs every Wednesday at 3:00pm PT / 6:00pm ET at live.twit.tv.

July 15, 2013

LIMBO is a creepy/challenging game, VSCO Cam has great photo filter packs, IFTTT will help your apps talk to each other effortlessly, Cal from the Any.do team, & more!

July 8, 2013
#47: Free apps! iOS 7 Dictation! Vesper!

Vesper for simple note-taking, free apps that usually aren’t, iOS 7’s offline dictation, how to correct Siri, & more!

July 1, 2013
#46: Swell Radio, Emoji Jumps, Zoom Crop Tricks

Swell Radio is the Pandora of news, emoji jump shortcuts, zoom crop tricks, let Siri define things for you, & more!

June 24, 2013
#45: Analog Camera, TimeCode Toolbox, Control Center

Why Analog Camera is just simple enough, TimeCode Toolbox for broadcast projects, Control Center saves you from Settings, Duh Tips galore, a dictionary plea, & more!

June 17, 2013
#44: iOS 7, Nextdoor, Office Mobile

Our initial thoughts on iOS 7 in dev beta, Nextdoor for neighbor networks, Office Mobile brings Excel to your iPhone (for a price), Camera app Duh Tips, & more!

June 10, 2013
#43: Marbly, Boxer, Atlas

Boxer is an outstanding email app, Atlas for robust scheduling, Marbly from the creator of Tetris, a photo trick, a dictionary shortcut, & more!

May 30, 2013
#42: Candy Crush, Social Pandora, International Data Guides

Why Candy Crush is so addictive, Pandora gets more social, data guides for international travelers, broken iPhone button workarounds, & more!