Ham Nation

Bob Heil, Gordon West, George Thomas, Don Wilbanks and Cheryl Lasik will cover the excitement and importance of ham radio - from tossing an antenna wire in a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters. If you have videos, send them to hamnationvideos@twit.tv.

Records live every Wednesday at 6:00pm PT/9:00pm ET.

April 22, 2015
#193: The Usual Suspects

The Ham Nation crew celebrates Earth Day!

April 15, 2015
#192: K3LR In the TWiT Brickhouse!

Tim Duffy(K3LR) is in the TWiT studio with a big announcement!

April 8, 2015
#191: K6TD Tells Us About the Visalia Convention

Kevin Rowett(K6TD) talks with Bob Heil about the upcoming International DX Convention.

April 1, 2015
#190: Christian Brings Us the Perfect Elmer

The importance of being an Elmer.

March 25, 2015
#189: Dr. Skov Goes to Dayton!

Randy(K7AGE) talks about the basics of antenna analyzers.

March 18, 2015
#188: Valerie and Jerry Report on Navassa

Winners of the Dayton Hamvention Awards announced.

March 11, 2015
#187: Green Hams and Gear

Randy K7AGE shows how to test an antenna using WSPR.