Game On!

April 9, 2012
#13: Game Over & Would You Like To Continue?

Leisure Suit Larry’s Al Lowe, arcade documentary 100 Yen, we say goodbye, insert coins

April 2, 2012
#12: Sim City 5 also featuring The Glowing Stars

Dan Stapleton of GameSpy on Sim City 5. Best video game music. Zombies, Run! The Glowing Stars

March 26, 2012
#11: Anthony Carboni Also Featuring Real Life Video Game Props

Anthony Carboni on Ninja Gaiden. Real life video game props. Mass Effect ending change. Phil Plait.

March 19, 2012
#10: Felicia Day Also Featuring Draw Something

Felicia Day, Romany Malco plays Draw Something, interview with DW team. Mass Effect ending. Journey

March 12, 2012
#9: Notch And Jeb Also Featuring Mass Effect 3

Notch & Jeb talk Minecraft. Mass Effect 3 review, interview with BioWare. Civilization: Revolution.

March 5, 2012
#8: Gary Whitta Also Featuring Halo 4

Halo 4 footage! Gary Whitta talks about The Walking Dead video game.
Vdeo game songs turn deadly.

February 27, 2012
#7: Scott Johnson Also Featuring Happy Bone Tickling

Twisted Metal reviewed with Anthony Carboni. Drop 7 obsession. Dafnay cries. Scott Johnson on MMOs.