Futures in Biotech

October 3, 2007
#25: From the Human Genome Project to Space Exploration with Dr. George Church (Part I)

Dr. George Church explores the fantastic world of genetics from the Earth to Mars!

September 19, 2007
#24: The Phoenix Mars Mission with Dr. Deborah Bass

Dr. Bass and her colleagues at NASA explore the Martian arctic for signs of life

September 11, 2007
#23: From Gemini to Mars with Dr. Buzz Aldrin

Dr. Buzz Aldrin talks about Gemini 12, Apollo 11, and the future of space exploration

September 1, 2007
#22: The Marathon Mouse

Dr. Ron Evans discusses the genetic engineering of metabolism and the creation of a strain of super mice: the Marathon Mouse

August 21, 2007
#21: Science Versus Cancer with Dr. Evangelos Michelakis

Dr. Michelakis explains how to target the metabolism of cancer cells...

August 3, 2007
#20: Dr. Eric Kandel's Insights into the Science of Mind

Nobel Laureate Dr. Eric Kandel explains the neurobiology of memory

July 18, 2007
#19: The Supra Human Organism

Dr. Jeffrey Gordon is leading the field of Human Metagenomics with his work on the Human Microbiome