Frame Rate

April 2, 2013
#118: Hulu's Tramp Stamp

Aereo beats TV networks, HBO Thrones piracy, Viacom filing rewriting DMCA, Hulu rumors

March 25, 2013
#117: Tommy and the Brain

HBO Go standalone, Nielsen family is dead, YouTube hits 1 Billion monthly user

March 18, 2013
#116: Redbox-curious

Verizon paying selective channels, Veronica Mars movie kickstarter success, Cord-cutters doubled in 6 years, Twitch TV record breaking growth

March 11, 2013
#115: Canada is a Myth

Cablevision sues Viacom for $1 billion dollars, new Disney ad platform, Netflix ISP speed index, Redesigned YouTube channels, Google Fiber TV with 3D channels

March 4, 2013
#114: What's a Cord Mommy?

Viewers and advertisers flocking to streaming video, HitBliss money for "free" content, US TV director against illegal downloads

February 25, 2013
#113: Nielsen to rate the Internet

Oscars on Hulu and, Nielsen TV rating for streaming, Intel and CBS online TV service, WebOS lives in LG TV

February 11, 2013
#112: Pay by the Inch

Interview with Dana Brunetti, Mobile viewers pay by the inch, UK YouTube app free to air tv service, BBC shows on iPlayer, Sony stays with Starz, new Roku 4200x