April 10, 2012
#115: Spectrum In My Head

We'll have enough bandwidth to live in the Simiverse and shoot documentary movies there.

April 3, 2012
#114: No Keyboard, No Security

We'll need a disaster to teach us computer security, but we won't have those nasty keyloggers since we'll all use tablets.

March 20, 2012
#113: Kickstart My Comic Heart

Kickstart my comic heart and speak my version of English while you do it.

March 13, 2012
#112: The Nanobots Made My Brain Do It

Your heads up display won't let you get lost, but you're rewired brain may not like where you go.

March 6, 2012
#111: Beam Me Out Mommy

Pregnancy will get easier, safer and we'll pay the hospital bills in hugs.

February 28, 2012
#110: Photography Becomes Archaeology

We pick our pictures after the fact and take back control of publishing!

February 14, 2012
#109: Ubiquitous Media

Computing will be everywhere and so will media, but it will all happen in our minds.