Dr. Kiki's Science Hour

March 13, 2010
#37: The Voyage Of Darwin's Beagle

Dr. Kiki talks with Dr. Karen James about Darwin.

March 6, 2010
#36: Battling The Red Queen

Dr. Kiki talks with Andrew Read about the arms race between human drugs and the evolution of infectious diseases.

February 27, 2010
#35: Making Science Matter

Dr. Kiki talks about improving science education with Zack Ronneberg.

February 16, 2010
#34: Hacking Science

Dr. Kiki talks hacking science with Ariel Waldman of SpaceHack.org.

February 5, 2010
#33: Retracting The Needle From Autism

Dr. Kiki talks with Dr. Steven Novella about a retracted study on autism, and more.

February 2, 2010
#32: Decline Of The Dinos

It's the decline of the dinosaurs... Dr. Kiki's Science Hour talks about trimming the dinosaur family tree with Mark Goodwin from UC Berkeley...

January 23, 2010
#31: Exploring Saturn's Moons

An investigation of Titan and the Saturnian system with NASA JPL's Dr. Rosaly Lopes.