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Before You Buy is a product reviews show on the TWiT Network. TWiT staff get together to test out the latest gadgets--everything from phones to cameras--to help consumers make wise buying decisions. Make sure you watch... Before You Buy!

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May 22, 2015
#175: HP Spectre x360 Notebook, Speigen Apple Watch Stand S330

Myriam Joire reviews the HP Spectre x360 laptop.

May 15, 2015
#174: Samsung 27" SD590C Curved LED Monitor, EnerPlex Surfr Solar Case

Mike Elgan reviews the Samsung 27" Curved LED Monitor.

May 8, 2015
#173: Apple Watch vs. LG Watch Urbane

Myriam Joire reviews the LG G4 smartphone.

April 29, 2015
#172: Samsung Galaxy S6, Aries BlackBird X10 Quadcopter

Jason Howell reviews the Samsung Galaxy S6.

April 24, 2015
#171: Apple Watch First Look, Microsoft Lumia 535

Leo Laporte unboxes the Apple Watch.

April 17, 2015
#170: XYZ DaVinci Jr., Sol Republic Shadow Wireless Earphones

First looks at the 3DR Solo Drone and Sony HDR 4K Monitors at NAB.

April 10, 2015
#169: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Kubi Telepresence Robot

Nokia Lumia 735, Maingear Shift Superstock, Fuel Ion Wireless Charger