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Thermaltake BlacX eSATA and USB Hard Drive Docking Station

Quickly swap and fill up your new 1tb hard drives.

For people who work with large amounts of data, like photographers with raw photos, editors with lots of video, or pirates with lots of other people's intellectual property, vast amounts of data storage is essential for your systems.

As we saw with our previous pick, purchasing a 1tb hard drive these days is affordable for almost everyone. However, what if you want to start archiving these drives, and swapping them out? What if you have a laptop where you can stick a full size drive inside of it?

Get yourself a BlacX, and you wont have this problem ever again.

The BlacX is a cradle that sits on your desk, into which you simply drop your esata hard drive. With these toys you can hot swap raw drives, quickly and effortlessly, rather than having to install them into your systems.

At twit we have them on all of our production systems, and find them pretty useful. The only issue that we do have with these devices, is that the esata does not always want to hot swap correctly. We are not sure where in the chain this issue is, but with a reboot esata works fine, and for hot swapping USB always works on the first shot.

If you go through a lot of data, this toy is cheap, but essential to have.