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iPhone Fully Loaded by Andy Ihnatko

Macbreak Weekly's Andy Ihnatko's offers up one of the best books ever written about the iPhone.

Amazon Description: iPhone 3G Fully Loaded is the one-of-a-kind reference that will show iPhone and iPod Touch users how to put anything and everything on their Apple iPhones or iPod Touches - from old LPs, radio / television shows and movies, to spreadsheets, presentations and PC rescue files. Written by wildly popular technology expert and Chicago Sun Times columnist Andy Ihnatko, this book will be updated with the latest iPhone technology developments, including GPS, MobileMe, the App Store, and how to utilize all the recently-developed Applications. Appropriate for both for both Mac OS X and Windows users, iPhone Fully Loaded will teach readers more iPhone tips and tricks than any other book on the market. From uploading web pages to downloading television shows and a variety of documents, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, the iPhone does much more than make phone calls, play music, and send e-mail. Full-color throughout, this book will walk readers step-by-step through both common and uncommon tasks to get the most out of their iPhone.