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Hitachi 1 TB 16MB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive

When 1TB hard drives cost 88 bones, you have no excuse for that 160 gig hard drive in your computer.

Alright, this is going to be a pretty quick TWiTpick, because I don't need to do much 'splaining here, just some notifying.

Notice that you can now get a good, 7200 RPM, 16 meg cahe, 1tb hard drive for 88 bucks?

Yes, really.

If you have a desktop computer, or an external enclosure that you want to upgrade, all you have to do is buy this hard drive, pop it in, and format it. Now you will have enough storage to download illicit materials to your hard drive until the cows come home.

Hitachi is a very reputable hard drive maker, as it purchased the IBM hard drive division, and simply adapted it to their uses, and have expanded upon the technology. Hitachi was actually the first company to release an internal 1TB hard drive.

Leo and Steve Gibson have spoken about the reputation of Hitachi hard drives at length on a security now podcast, and agree that Hitachi drives rock your socks.

Seriously, at $88 a pop, how can you NOT afford to have one? Or two in RAID-0, or three in RAID-5?!

You can also spend a few dollars more, and get yourself a Western Digital Black drive with 32 megs of cache. This is helpful if you are video editing and such.