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Ghost in the Shell

Shirow Masamune's cyberpunk masterpeice

Ghost in the Shell is beautiful work of fiction by acclaimed Japanese author and artist Shirow Masamune. A complex and visionary plot unfolds around a strong willed female cyber-crime enforcement officer with a quasi-military government agency named Section 9.

Motoko Kusinagi exists in a world gone completely digital... with nebulous morals and borders. She is equipped with a cyberneticly augmented brain, and a completely prosthetic cybernetic body that make her a powerfully enhanced being when fighting in both the cyberspace and real life.

Though she has always existed in a very complicated and vague world between military, law enforcement, and online life, boundaries completely dissolve when she encounters Project 2501, a sentient consciousness that has evolved from of the vast sea of information that flowing though worlds immense digital network.

Ghost in the Shell features beautiful and stunningly complex visuals, mixed with detailed sound, and intriguing character design. This vision of the future is sure to inspire for years to come. This film is a must see for anyone who enjoys thinking about where the infotech revolution is taking our species.