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Enermax Aurora Aluminum Keyboard

Logitech just peed in its pants.

Enermax is typically more of an enclosure type company, making cases, racks, coolers, fans, etc. However, seemingly out of the blue, they have come out with a line of aluminum keyboards that are stunning.

These keyboards are made out of a two and a half millimeter thick slab of aluminum, with a brushed finish, and diamond cut edges. The keys are solid, and actuated by extremely snappy and responsive scissor switches.In construction feel, its sort of like a bigger brother to the very nice Apple aluminum keyboards. In feel, it is most similar to a Thinkpad keyboard when brand new, but with a more firm and snappy motion. The keys themselves are not made out of metal, they are a nice plastic, but they feel like they have little to no flex in them, and they snap home with a precise and satisfying click.

Now that we spend more and more time in front of our computers, and they are becoming our primary means of communication, it is important to find a keyboard that you can feel comfortable with. Most desktops these days come with throwaway keyboards, with the assumption being that you will replace them with one of your choice. On the other hand, there are very few keyboards available in stores, that don't have mushy, soft, and sloppy key actions. On the other hand, you could order yourself a nice keyboard online, but you can't figure out which one has the feel and build that a demanding typist demands. If this is your concern, look no further, you have found your keyboard.

The Enermax Aurora line will satisfy even the most discerning typist.

You can get them in black, aluminum, compact size, full size, or extended form factors.

In fact, this pick was written on an Aurora keyboard.