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Data Robotics DR04DD10 Drobo 4-Bays USB 2.0 and FireWire 800 Fully Automated SATA Robotic Storage Array

The Drobo from Data Robotics has made storing massive amounts of data both safe and easy. Scott Bourne loves them so much, he buys them in pairs!

As rich media (photos, video, movies, music) continues to devour your storage capacity, you need a solution that allows you to easily manage, protect, and scale storage for your PC or Mac. For you, we've created Drobo, the first fully automated storage robot to take the pain out of keeping your important digital content safe. This Data Robotics DR04DD10 Drobo enclosure accepts up to 4 internal storage SATA hard-drives (drives are not included) that you set up as an array for both primary and backup storage. Add Drobo, get 4 drives and download at will. Unit Dimensions - Width 6.3 Inch x Depth 10.7 Inch x Height 6.3 Inch Storage Controller Type - Serial ATA (SATA) Includes Power adapter Voltage Required 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz Data Robotics - 1 Year Limited Warranty Hard Drive Type used - Internal Drobo utilizes a revolutionary storage technology that makes it simple for anyone to use, yet is powerful enough for business. Once you experience the power of Drobo, the idea of keeping multiple external drives or a RAID 5 array will seem as antiquated as that 28.8Kbps modem in the back of your closet Windows, Mac, Linux - Drobo works with all three major operating system platforms and their native file systems Drobo allows you to purchase as much or as little storage as you like up front. Since you can expand at any time, Drobo is the right solution for your budget