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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (Developer's Cut)

One of the best games you have never played.

I know that with a few notable exceptions, like Golden Eye on the n64, games based on movie franchises usually suck.

This game is not one of them.

Escape from Butcher Bay is based on the Chronicles of Riddick Universe developed by Vin Diesel and David Twothy. It serves as a prequel to the films Pitch Black, Dark Fury, and The Chronicles of Riddick. It explains much about the enigmatic anti hero Richard B Riddick, and expands upon the diverse universe.

The game utilizes the Starbreeze engine that was far ahead of it's time when it was developed, and looks stunning to this day. The dark and unique story line is acted by professional voice actors, and the Hollywood stars from the films.

Gameplay is fluid, and dynamic. Stealth is brilliantly mixed with action in a way that many other games have attempted to pull off, but have failed at.

I suggest that you play this game on a modern gaming PC, though it is also available for the original Microsoft XBOX. It is a steal at $22 bucks for the PC version.