Ron Richards

Hailing from the mean streets of Long Island, NY, Ron Richards has been a geek of the Nth degree since his first Apple II+ in 1982. Ron co-founded in 2001 and began podcasting in 2005, creating the top audio podcast and top Internet video show about comic books and comics culture.

Ron later joined Revision3 in 2007, running as well as co-creating "AppJudgment," the leading mobile apps review show.

After picking up a T-Mobile G1 when it first came out, Ron has been a loyal Android user from the beginning and is on a life long quest to find the perfect app.

Currently residing in San Francisco, CA., Ron spends his days as the VP of External Relations, a Digital Entertainment company offering comics and graphic novel apps for the web, Android and iOS and runs, as well as continues to contribute to AppJudgment on Revision3 and co-host All About Android on

He has had sideburns since he was 14 and has seen Morrissey live in concert over 30 times.