Website Pick: 2048


Leo's pick on MacBreak Weekly episode 395 is the game 2048. This can be played in a web browser on a computer or mobile device. The concept of the game is similar to Threes, except this game only deals with twos.

Use the arrow keys on a keyboard, or swipe on touch enabled devices to combine two tiles with the same number. The goal is to get the 2048 tile, and the more numbers you combine, the more points you receive. Merging numbers will free up more spaces on the board for more numbers to appear.

The official game can be played for free at There are other derivatives of 2048 available as well, including one with a Doctor Who theme. In that version, the goal is to combine two tiles with pictures of the same Doctor to get more points.

To hear more about 2048, and watch Leo play the game, check out MacBreak Weekly episode 395.