Top News for May 8, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for May 08, 2014:

  1. Former lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry -- and current FCC chairman -- Tom Wheeler is getting pushback on his proposed rules for net neutrality. Internet companies -- more than 100 of them -- signed a letter to the FCC yesterday saying they’re alarmed by the rules. Two FCC commissioners have publicly expressed “concerns” as well. And a standing protest is growing outside the FCC headquarters in washington. If reports are accurate, Wheeler’s proposed rules allow broadband providers to offer “paid prioritization” giving those who pay better connections in “last mile” service to homes and businesses. The Commission is scheduled to vote on the rules one week from today, on Thursday, May 15th. Read more at,, and

  2. A former Uber engineer has launch a new app to summon a doctor who makes house calls. It’s called Pager, and it’s available only in Manhattan. Read more at

  3. Adobe launched a free new iPad app called Voice. The app is designed to be an idiot-proof way to make videos with talking voice-overs. Read more at

  4. Don Reisinger reported today on CNET that the "Breaking Bad" series from AMC will be re-mastered for 4K TVs. Read more at

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