Top News for May 23, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for May 23, 2014:

  1. The FBI issued a gag order on Microsoft and ordered the company to keep documents secret. So Microsoft took them to court -- and won! Read more at

  2. We’ve reported in the past on Google’s Project Tango, which is a smartphone that can quickly and accurately map indoor spaces and objects. Last night The Wall Street Journal reported that Google is also making a Tango tablet. Read more at

  3. Apple’s un-crackable kill switch, called Activation Lock, has been cracked. Hackers have discovered an exploit that enables them to defeat Activation Lock. Read more at

  4. Google is close to announcing the acquisition of Skybox Imaging, according to an exclusive by Ingred Lunden at TechCrunch. Skybox Imaging captures very high-resolution videos and photos of the Earth from orbiting satellites, and the purchase would give Google a space program. Read more at

  5. Samsung is working on a smartwatch smartphone. Instead of connecting via Bluetooth to a smartphone, the watch itself is the phone. The company is currently talking with carriers in the United States, Europe and South Korea about supporting the watch-phone. The watch reportedly takes pictures, sends email, connects via Bluetooth and has built-in GPS. It even has a heart monitor. The Wall Street Journal reported the story this morning based on unnamed sources. The news appears to solidify news in April that Samsung had patened an integrated smartwatch smartphone called the "Gear Solo," which sounds like a likely name for the product when it's announced, which could be as early as next month. Read more at

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