Top News for May 16, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for May 16, 2014:

  1. The Electronic Frontier Foundation says most major technology companies are doing a great job protecting user privacy in the wake of Edward Snowden's NSA revelations. That’s most, but not all. There are still a few laggards who are leaving users exposed. Read more at

  2. Amazon announced plans to launch its first three original TV shows for children this summer. The company is looking for its pre-school “House of Cards” that might propel Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Fire TV to the big leagues. Read more at

  3. Microsoft is finally getting serious about the home automation racket. The company announced a partnership with Insteon yesterday that will integrate Insteon network into Microsoft products via Windows and Windows Phone apps. Plus, Microsoft will sell Insteon gadgets on its online store. Read more at

  4. Google just keeps dribbling out useful new capabilities for Google Now. Today, Google added bill reminders. Google scans your Gmail inbox looking for bills, and also information about when you’re supposed to pay. Then, without any effort on your part, reminders pop up in Google Now. Read more at

  5. We’ve got a big number for you: One billion. That’s the number of times Google’s Gmail for Android app has been installed, according to Google’s Android chief Sundar Pichai. The number does not include updates. Gmail is the single most frequently-installed Android app ever. Read more at

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