Top News for May 13, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for May 13, 2014:

  1. In a surprise decision, the European Union Court of Justice ruled that Google and other search engines must remove or edit information or links from its search engine upon request. Read more at

  2. Apple may be planning to copy Microsoft’s Surface user interface and introduce split-screen multi-tasking on the iPad, according to an exclusive by Mark Gurman on 9to5Mac. Read more at

  3. Motorola's Moto G phone is cheap, but the company unveiled today a new phone that’s even cheaper -- the Moto E, which costs only $129 unlocked. Read more at

  4. A new report from Glenn Greenwald writing for The Guardian says that the NSA program intercepts routers and server hardware exported from the U.S. and implants spy devices in them before sending them on to their destinations. In a related story, Greenwald’s book No Place to Hide was published today. One gem revealed in the book is that he claims both the NSA and the UK equivalent, the GCHQ, tracked and surveilled airline passengers in real-time using the in-flight Internet service. Read more at

  5. We reported May 1 that AT&T was in talks to buy DirecTV. Now, the company is very close to finalizing the deal, according to reports in both The Wall Street Journal and Reuters. The proposed $50-billion merger would make AT&T the other dominant player in the pay-TV and Internet service market after a combined Comcast Time Warner Cable deal. Read more at

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