Top News for March 14, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for March 14, 2014:

  1. Media web sites in Russia are having a bad week. They’re under attack both by hackers and also by the Russian government. A local Anonymous branch is allegedly DDoSing Russian media outlets, as well as Russian government and Central Bank sites. These attacks follow government crackdowns on media sites critical of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Read more at

  2. A web published by Dave Zatz called Zatz Not Funny published pictures of what he claims is a controller for an upcoming Amazon game console. The leak, if accurate, bolsters rumors that Amazon will soon ship a set top box that also runs games. Read more at

  3. Asustek announced earlier this year a new tablet called the Transformer Book Duet TD300. What was different about this tablet is that it was a dual-boot device out of the box, running both Android and Windows. Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich even showed the device during his CES keynote. But now Asustek has postponed, and may cancel, the product, after being pressured by both Microsoft and Google, according to the Wall Street Journal. Read more at

  4. Sprint announced a new prepaid prepaid wireless plan, and the Wall Street Journal says it just may be the worst deal ever. Called Sprint Prepaid, the plan charges you $45 a month and you get unlimited voice and text but no cellular data. All Internet surfing on the plan has to be done over Wi-Fi. Read more at

  5. Symantec researchers spotted a phishing scam for the record books recently. The email arrives with the subject “Documents,” and tells the recipient to look at files on Google Docs, and conveniently provides a link. But here’s the crazy part. The fake page is hosted on Google's servers and is served over SSL. The scammers simply uploaded their file to a public folder on a Google drive account. Once the file is clicked on, the victim is confronted with a standard-looking Google log-in. Once they enter in username and password, the credentials are whisked away to a PHP script on a compromised web server for later use by hackers. Read more at

  6. The Pocket Drone looks like it’s really going to fly. The mini tri-copter is strong enough to carry a high quality action camera and it folds up smaller than a 7in tablet. The company, called AirDroids, just ended their Kickstarter campaign with nearly a million dollars in funding -- the most popular drone project ever crowdfunded. Their initial goal was thirty five thousand dollars. Preorders begin in April; the drones should ship in the fall, according to the company. Read more at

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