Top News for June 18, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for June 18, 2014:

  1. Democrats in both houses of congress introduced bills to ban paid prioritization. Read more at

  2. Facebook announced a photo-sharing app called Slingshot that competes with the likes of Snapchat. Read more at

  3. Microsoft Ventures is launching an accelerator for startups to develop home automation technologies. Read more at

  4. The BlackBerry10 operating system is about to get a slew of Android apps thanks to a licensing agreement for the Amazon AppStore. Read more at

  5. Apple launched a cheap new iMac today, priced at $1,099. That's $200 less than the previous lowest price. Read more at

  6. Adobe’s now trying its hand at hardware. The software company just announced a stylus and ruler. Read more at

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