Top News for June 17, 2014

Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for June 17, 2014:

  1. Amazon's rumored smartphone, which will probably be announced tomorrow, will be available on AT&T exclusively, according to a new report in The Wall Street Journal. Read more at and

  2. Google I/O -- the company's massive developer conference -- kicks off June 25 in San Francisco. Read more at

  3. Online satelite images are a about to get much better. The US government has lifted restrictions on how high-def satellite pictures can be, according to a report on the BBC. The US Commerce Department, which made the chance, has not yet announced it. The report is based on a claim by a satellite imaging company called Digital Globe, which asked for the policy change and says their request was granted. Read more at and

  4. Box this week acquired Streem, which allows customers to stream files to their desktops. Read more at

  5. Dropbox today acquired Parastructure, which builds data analysis software. Read more at

  6. The speech recognition company Nuance Communications is exploring a sale. The company could be acquired by Samsung, according to a piece in The Wall Street Journal. Read more at

  7. Microsoft is opening its arms to developers yet again -- this time with the IE Developer Channel. Read more at and

  8. The British government says spying on UK citizens via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even Google Search is acceptable and legal because those services are based in the United States, and therefore it's international and not domestic surveillance. Read more at

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