Top News for July 9, 2014

Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for July 09, 2014:
  1. Apple threw Google under the bus urging the FTC to crack down on Google. The information was uncovered by a Freedom of Information Act request by a Politico reporter. Read more at

  2. Amazon has proposed offering Hachette authors 100 percent of the profit from digital book sales in an attempt to speed up the negotiation of a new e-book contract. Hachette has rejected this proposal, calling it “suicidal.” Read more at

  3. LG introduced a smartwatch for children. It's called KizOn, and it's optimized for enabling parents to track their kids and for kids to call parents with pre-programmed numbers. Read more at

  4. Cloud storage keeps getting cheaper and cheaper, as companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft compete for the most generous offerings to attract customers. Google is now offering businesses 2 terabytes of free storage for a year, which compares favorably to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Read more at

  5. Apple lost a patent battle in China over Siri. Apple had sued both the Chinese company called Zhizhen Network Technology and China’s Patent Review Committee to force a verdict over the issue of Zhizhen's claim that Siri infringed their patent. A Chinese court ruled against Apple, which said it would appeal with the Beijing Higher People's Court. In China, the People's Court is a court, rather than a TV show. Read more at

  6. Glenn Lurie, the head of emerging devices at AT&T, said that the key to wearables will be adding cellular connection. He said that for fitness trackers, smartwatches and other devices to really take off, they need to offer Internet connectivity without relying on a smartphone. Read more at

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