Top News for July 30, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for July 30, 2014:

  1. Twitter shares rose 35 percent yesterday after the company’s earnings report. They said monthly active users were surprisingly good -- up 24 percent for a total of 271 million people. Read more at

  2. In related news, Twitter has acquired Madbits, a deep-learning, computer-vision startup. Read more at

  3. Google wants search results to be more informative and actionable. The company is adding a five-star rating system to some ads that appear along with Google Search results. Read more at

  4. Virgin Mobile USA launched today a new customizable wireless plan. It’s called Virgin Mobile Custom. The plan lets customers control the details of their plan -- how much data, how many minutes and so on -- and this can be changed at any time through a special app. Read more at

  5. Instagram has quietly unveiled a new messaging app called Bolt. Read more at

  6. A new software platform for the hotel industry launched today. It’s called Voyat, and it exists in part to harvest information about hotel guests from social media sites in order to customize their hotel experience. Voyat came out of beta and out of stealth mode today. Read more at

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