Top News for July 3, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for July 3, 2014:

  1. Facebook's controversial study on whether mood is contagious on social networks is just one of many conducted by the company's Data Science group, according to a piece by The Wall Street Journal's Reed Albergotti. Read more at

  2. Pew Research Center just released the details of its new survey on what the Internet will look like and work like by 2025. The results are bleak for those of us who remember the Internet's great free and open promise of decades ago. The consensus among 14 hundred top thinkers and leaders in the tech space? The Internet will be more and more controlled by governments, public trust in Internet is evaporating, and commercial pressures -- by Facebook and the like -- mean more "walled gardens" on the Web. Read more at

  3. Paul Thurrott, writing on his Supersite for Windows, reported that Microsoft's upcoming smartwatch will be a fitness band similar to the Samsung Gear Fit, but that it will also display smartphone notifications and display the time -- a kind of hybrid device that looks like a fitness band but which has some of the features of a smartwatch. The report is based on unnamed sources, who also said what previous reports have revealed, which is that it will be cross-platform and work with iOS and Android phones, as well as Microsoft's Windows Phone platform. Read more at

  4. In other smartwatch news, Google posted Android Wear apps on the Google Play store in a new section devoted to Android Wear. There are now 23 Android Wear apps on the Play Store. In most cases, these appear to be updates to existing Android smartphone apps, such as Google Maps and Google Hangouts, which now have explicit Android Wear support added. Read more at

  5. We bid farewell to the Plasma TV. One of the last remaining makers, a division of Samsung, announced it will stop producing plasma televisions in November. The reason of course is poor demand. These were once cool and touted as next generation -- in the early 2000's. But LCD TVs quickly surpassed them, so plasma is no more. Read more at

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