Top News for July 29, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for July 29, 2014:

  1. A recently discovered Android flaw leaves phones exposed to malware and personal data theft. It’s called the “Fake ID” flaw. It was discovered by BlueBox Labs, which notified Google in advance -- and Google has already patched it, both to Android Partners and also to the Android Open Source Project. However, Android phones running older versions of Android are still at risk. Read more at

  2. Information about Israel's "Iron Dome" missile shield may have wound up in the hands of China-sponsored hackers. Moreover, the hackers may have gathered information about US missile technology developed by Boeing. Read more at

  3. The OKCupid online dating site bragged in a blog post yesterday that quote: “We Experiment on Human Beings!” The admission has created a controversy, especially in the wake of Facebook’s recent science conducted to test how filtering out happy or sad News Feed posts affected activity. Read more at

  4. A Chinese regulator is conducting an anti-monopoly investigation into Microsoft Windows. The probe raises new questions about how effectively US technology companies can conduct business in China, notes Reuters. Ironically, the probe comes just as another Microsoft platform -- the Xbox -- begins sales in China. Read more at

  5. BlackBerry has bought a German security company called Secusmart. The company is best known for protecting German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s BlackBerry from further NSA snooping. Read more at

  6. A bill sitting on President Obama's desk may open the door for consumers to unlock mobile phones, according to CBS Market Watch. Read more at

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