Top News for July 24, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for July 24, 2014:

  1. European regulators have summoned Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to discuss how these companies have implemented the EU’s right to be forgotten ruling. Regulators will insist that search engines censor search results not only in Europe, but globally, according to some media reports. They also may pressure Google to stop notifying websites that searches for content on their sites have been censored, according to the reports. Read more at

  2. Facebook’s stock price is soaring today after yesterday’s earnings report. Read more at

  3. Twitter released information about employee gender and ethnicity. As with other major Silicon Valley companies, Twitter is conspicuously white and male. Read more at

  4. Amir Efrati, writing for the tech news site, The Information, reported today that Apple has been speaking with payments-industry companies. His sources say Apple has discussed launching a mobile wallet product in the fall, which is when the iPhone 6 is also expected to ship. According to the report, Apple told these potential partners that its "Secure Enclave” concept previously associated with fingerprint data would store sensitive personal financial information on the phone itself, which would not be accessible to carriers. Read more at

  5. Reddit launches its LIVE thread feature, which was developed to crowdsource news gathering and fact-checking in real-time. Updated posts appear without the need to refresh the page. The feature had been in "semi-open beta" for months, and during that time only Reddit staff could create Live events. Now, anyone can by going to reddit dot com slash live. The feature is probably a response to the witch hunt that occurred on Reddit as police were looking for suspects in the Boston Bombing attack. Reddit was engulfed in runaway speculation that an innocent student who had gone missing was the bomber. (Sunil Tripathi) Read more at

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