Top News for July 16, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for July 16, 2014:

  1. Steve Jobs must be turning over in his grave. Apple and longtime archrival IBM announced a broad partnership yesterday to make Apple's iOS a bona fide enterprise platform -- and making IBM a reseller of iPhones and iPads. Read more at

  2. Here’s some straightforward but nonetheless interesting news for Google+ users: you will no longer have to use your real names on the social network. Read more at

  3. Amazon is reportedly testing an all-you-can-read service for the Kindle called "Kindle Unlimited." The service would cost $9.99 a month and would provide access to more than 600,000 book titles. Read more at

  4. Samsung is looking to catch up to Apple and Google when it comes to home automation — and according to TechCrunch it's about to acquire smart-home company SmartThings for about $200 million. Read more at

  5. A company started accepting pre-orders today for a $499 home robot called Jibo. The company calls it the world's first family robot. Let’s take a look at their promotional video. Read more at

  6. If you’ve considered buying an Android Wear smartwatch, one of your concerns may be the typing experience on such a small screen. A company called Minuum has just launched its keyboard app for Android Wear, and a demo video gives us a hint of the cramped typing experience on the latest smartwatches. Read more at

  7. In an exclusive, Auto Express Editor-in-Chief Steve Fowler revealed that Tesla is planning to unveil a smaller electric car called the Tesla Model 3. Read more at

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