Top News for July 14, 2014

Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for July 14, 2014:

  1. Some of the biggest web companies today urged the FCC to retain net neutrality. The advocacy came from the Internet Association, which is made up of three dozen companies including Google, Neftlix, Amazon, eBay, Twitter. Read more at

  2. The Wall Street Journal reports that two Google directors, Paul Otellini and John Doerr, suggested in 2007 that Larry Page and Sergey Brin should personally approach Facebook employees to recruit them. Ultimately, Google decided not to do this, but it's one more indication that Google has long been worried about poaching from Facebook. The company also instituted a 1-hour rapid counter-offer policy for any employee who came to their manager with a competing offer from Facebook. Read more at

  3. We reported last week that China's state-owned CCTV called the iPhone a threat to national security because of its "frequent locations" feature. Apple responded to the report over the weekend, saying that Apple doesn't share location, than location data is encrypted, and that the "frequent locations" feature is turn off by default. Read more at

  4. FCC documents recently revealed that Apple is going to be creating its own iBeacon device -- in this case, a tiny puck that presumably helps pinpoint a user's location in relation to the beacon. iBeacon technology is currently in wide use in retail with third-party devices, but Apple has never created its own Beacon. While Patently Apple believes this beacon is not for home use, it's possible that Apple is working on a set of technologies that could also work in the home. Read more at

  5. The founder of Google's Google X labs and the leader of the Google Glass project is leaving Google and moving to Amazon. Babak Parviz announced the move in a crypic but unmistakable post on Google+. Read more at

  6. 9-to-5 Mac reports that a well-sourced securities analyst is claiming the potentially saphire-screened 5.5-inch iPhone 6 is to be delayed until after October, possibly until 2015. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that supply challenges related to the phone's larger size are causing the manufacturing challenges, along with concerns that the larger screen won't "pass the drop test," despite some video leaks suggesting that the sapphire screen is extraordinarily scratch-resistant. Read more at

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