Top News for February 21, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for February 21, 2014:

  1. The Verge’s Tom Warren reports on a leaked Microsoft Windows Phone development kit that features Microsoft’s rumored Siri-like assistant feature, called Cortana. His sources say that Cortana will replace Bing search as the default action when a dedicated Windows Phone button is pressed, and that it will have a personality similar to Siri. Read more at

  2. Amazon is planning an Android-based Web TV box, possibly to ship in March, according to a new report by Peter Kafka on Recode. Read more at

  3. Google acquired a UK company called The company exists to fight ad fraud. The company has seven team members, all of which have already joined Google’s anti-fraud team. Read more at

  4. A TV antenna maker is working on a way for cord cutters to get free, live TV plus online video. The company is called Mohu, and they plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign next week to raise funds for the device. Read more at

  5. The US Postal Service is planning to release a Steve Jobs stamp! The late Apple founder and CEO appeared on a secret list of stamp subjects obtained by the Washington Post. The collectable stamp is due out next year. Also on the list: Elvis Presley. Read more at

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