Top News for February 13, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for February 13, 2014:

  1. Comcast intends to buy Time Warner Cable. Buying the second-largest U.S cable-TV company would add more than 11 million residential subscribers to Comcast’s reach. It also would bring Comcast into the New York City market and give the company more leverage with content providers. Read more at

  2. Apple says they’re cracking down on conflict minerals, according to its latest Supplier Responsibility report for 2014. Read more at

  3. Dropbox hired Motorola chief Dennis Woodside to be the company’s new Chief Operating Officer. Jonathan Rosenberg, the former head of product management at Google, will become Motorola’s new CEO. Read more at

  4. New estimates this week show that Apple and Samsung continue to make all the profits in the smartphone handset business. But today the world’s #3 smartphone maker, LG, unveiled a super phone designed to put the company into the running. It’s called the G Pro 2. It’s got a lot of high-end features, but the camera and screen features are really interesting. Read more at

  5. Apple plans to announce a new Apple TV set-top box in April and ship it in time for the Christmas holiday season, according to Bloomberg. The company is also negotiating with Time Warner Cable and other potential partners for content. Read more at

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