Top News for February 11, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for February 11, 2014:

  1. Nokia’s rumored and leaked Normandy Android phone is real, according to the Wall Street Journal. The phone will run a forked version of Android and offer a Nokia app store, as well as installed Nokia-made Android apps and possibly Microsoft apps and services. Read more at

  2. One of the most sophisticated malware-driven espionage campaigns ever seen was uncovered recently. The malware campaign is called “Mask,” and it’s been around since at least 2007 infecting the Windows, OS TEN, and Linux operating systems 380 victims in 31 countries. It’s purpose is to steal encryption keys, keystrokes and even Skype conversations. Read more at

  3. Wireless charging is a great idea. But with three competing, incompatible standards it hasn’t really taken over as the main way to charge phones, tablets and other mobile devices. But now, there’s hope. Two of the standards may soon share technology. The Power Matters Alliance, and the Alliance for Wireless Power have signed an agreement to use each other’s features. That leave the Wireless Power Consortium’s “CHEE” standard as the outsider. Read more at

  4. You may see protest splash screens and banners all over the Internet today. The movement is a protest against NSA mass surveillance. It’s called the day we fight back, and the idea is to motivate people to call or email lawmakers to ban the broad collection of personal data online. Read more at

  5. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan were the biggest philanthropists in the US last year, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. The couple gave a single donation of 18 million shares of Facebook stock valued at $970 million to a Silicon Valley charity in December. The top 50 contributors gave $7.7 billion last year, and also pledged $2.9 billion for the future. Read more at

  6. Google is working with Foxconn on factory robots, according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal. Foxconn is the world’s largest contract manufacturer, and probably best known as the company that builds Apple iPhones. The paper also said Google is expected to build a new robot operating system for manufacturing. Read more at

  7. A giant campus for tech startups planned for Silicon Valley’s Sunnyvale looks like something right out of the Jetsons. It’s called the Central & Wolfe campus, and it will replace the boring office park that’s currently there. The idea is to build a mini-city -- sort of like a Googleplex or an Apple spaceship type building, but for tiny startups. Architectural plans show the roof taken over by a park-like garden. Read more at

  8. Our publicity stunt of the day comes from Sony. The company is trying to sell a waterproof MP3 player. So to emphasize how waterproof it is, the company is selling it inside bottles of water, which are for sale in gym vending machines. It's called the Bottled Walkman. Read more at

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