Top News for February 10, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for February 10, 2014:

  1. Comcast’s mail servers were hacked on February 5. The hacker group NullCrew FTS posted the details of their exploit on Pastebin, along with a list of Comcast’s mail servers, for 24 hours. During that time, Comcast reportedly didn’t tell customers. At least 34 of their servers were breached, according to reports. That enabled any hacker to have their way with the mail servers. And, in fact, users reported slowdowns, crashes and other problems during that time. Read more at

  2. A startup called Ringblingz this morning is unveiling a wearable computing device for teenagers. Ringblingz is a ring that connects to a smartphone with Bluetooth Low Energy. It also comes with an iOS or Android app. Users can customize the color and pattern of blinking lights on the ring to show notifications and other information. Read more at

  3. Over the weekend, the developer of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen tweeted that he'd be removing the game from the App Store. Flappy Bird has been the number one downloaded free app on App Store for almost a month. and was averaging $50,000/day in revenue from in-app ads. Well, today's the day - Flappy Bird no longer shows up in search, developer's app listing, and Top Free games. Read more at

  4. Yahoo is partnering with Yelp to improve local results. Yelp reviews and listings will show up as results in Yahoo searches. Read more at

  5. ASUS's VivoTab Note 8, an 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet with support for Wacom pen input, has gone live in Microsoft's US store- the 32GB model anyway- for $329, which is a little higher than the $299 price tag it had when shown off at CES. But do you even have room in your heart for a tablet? Zal Bilimoria, a partner at venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz wrote in an opinion piece published by Re/code over the weekend that consumers are losing interest in tablets all together. Read more at

  6. The United Arab Emirates government plans to test flying drones to deliver packages. Here’s the crazy part: The drones will feature retina scanners and fingerprint readers to authenticate people accepting packages, according to Reuters. Read more at

  7. Flappy Bird is dead and gone, but don’t worry: Flappy Doge can fiill the void in your life. Flappy Doge is a browser game that plays exactly like Flappy Bird, but with the digital currency world’s favorite shiba. It’s also free and has no ads. Read more at

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