Top News for August 6, 2014

Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for August 06, 2014:

  1. The New York Times reported yesterday that a gang of 20 or so Russian hackers has stockpiled some 1.2 billion usernames and passwords belonging to more than half a billion people. The report is based on claims made by a company called Hold Security, a Milwaukee-based firm founded last year. However, several reporters have found problems with the story. For starters, the company won’t reveal which sites were hacked unless they’re paid for their so-called “breach notification services,” which start at $120 a month. When a Wall Street Journal reporter asked questions about their services, Hold replace their offer with a “coming soon” page, and told the reporter that the feed has been reduced to $10 a month. Read more at

  2. Apple and Samsung have been fighting over patents in court for what seems like forever, but the two companies have just agreed to drop all legal action outside the United States. Read more at

  3. The Chinese government appears to be increasing its crackdown on American technology companies. The government has now banned Apple products, such as iPads and MacBooks, from being purchased by any Chinese government agency. Read more at

  4. So we’ve talked about the EU’s “right to be forgotten” laws before. They let users request the removal of unfavorable links from search engines like Google, and the Wikimedia Foundation is unsurprisingly not a fan. Today, Wikipedia posted details for five notices of removal that affected more than 50 links and pages on the site. Read more at

  5. BlackBerry said today that its device-management service, which supports Android and iOS devices, has been granted a major security clearance from the Pentagon. Read more at

  6. We have a date for Apple’s next big event. According to Re/Code, the company will unveil its next generation of iPhones on September 9th. Read more at

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