Top News for August 29, 2014

Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for August 29, 2014:

  1. Samsung is planning to install Nokia’s mapping app on Samsung Galaxy devices and the Gear smartwatch. The app is called Here, and it competes directly with Google Maps and Google’s Waze. Here used to be available only for iOS and Windows Phone devices. But the announcement involves a new Android version, as well as a Tizen version of Here. Nokia told TechCrunch that they plan to bring Here to other devices as well. Read more at

  2. We told you months ago about Amazon’s delivery drone project. Now we’re learning that Google’s got a drone of its own. The company has been testing a system for drone delivery in secret for three years. Read more at

  3. Microsoft’s MSN Messenger is shutting down. (In other news, MSN Messenger still exists.) While most former users thought MSN Messenger was shut down in March of 2013, it’s been actively used in China all this time. Now Microsoft is encouraging users to migrate to Skype, which Microsoft owns. Each will get two dollars worth of Skype credit. Read more at

  4. Google is ending its Google Authorship project, which used Google+ as the identity service to verify the authorship of articles that appeared in Google Search results. The system required a special tag on the site where articles were published, and initially put the author’s Google+ profile picture in the results. Read more at

  5. The popular NBC show, The Blacklist, will be streamed on Netflix starting next week, thanks to a deal that has Netflix paying $2 million per episode for the rights, according to an exclusive on Deadline Hollywood. Read more at

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