Top News for August 27, 2014

Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for August 27, 2014:

  1. Apple is planning to offer a giant iPad for next year. Production is set to start by March, according to unnamed Bloomberg sources. Read more at

  2. Dropbox today lowered the price of storage by 90 percent. Until today, Dropbox Pro users were charged ten bucks a month for a hundred gigabytes. But starting today, they get a terabyte for the same price. The company also announced a view-only option for shared folders and expiration dates for shared file links. Read more at

  3. Apple is getting more intrusive with its mobile advertising. The company announced yesterday a pre-roll video option and full-screen ads designed to be viewed in apps. Read more at

  4. In other mobile advertising news, Facebook has unveiled a unique new offering that enables advertising to be targeted according to the speed or bandwidth of each user’s phone. That means video ads will be served up only to people on good 4G connections, where people on 2G networks will get text-based ads. The new offering works across all Facebook’s ad units. Read more at

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