Top News for August 25, 2014

Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for August 25, 2014:

  1. The Chinese government-owned Xinhua News Agency says that the Chinese government may ship its own operating system by October. The government may want Chinese independence from American OS makers after public conflict with Microsoft, Apple and Google, as well as leaks by Edward Snowden about the scale and reach of NSA surveillance. Read more at

  2. Sony’s PlayStation Network was attacked over the weekend, and a top Sony executive was also the target of an airline bomb threat. The network was brought down, but the plane was not. A distributed denial-of-service attack made the game network unavailable. Someone using the Twitter name LizardSquad claimed responsibility for the attack, and said that it was a protest against Sony not spending more money on the PlayStation network. Read more at

  3. LG plans to release a round smartwatch next week. The company is currently one of only two Android Wear smartwatch makers with products actually shipping. Samsung is the other one. Read more at

  4. Amazon plans to become an online advertising company to compete against Google in that space. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Amazon is building its own software platform that will serve up contextual advertising based on personal data harvested from customers and Kindle and Fire tablet and phone users. Read more at

  5. The US Open tennis tournament starts today in New York. And the ball-boys and ball-girls will be sporting wearable technology courtesy of Ralph Lauren. The ball-people have been outfitted with biometric data-monitoring shirts that keep track of breathing, heart rate, stress and other vital signs. The only question is: Why? Read more at

  6. The Royal Caribbean cruise line unveiled the details of their new smartship called Quantum of the Seas. The ship has “virtual balconies” which we told you about earlier this year -- for the cheap rooms that have no view, windows are simulated with 80-inch video screens showing what their live view would be if in fact they had a window. Plus, the ship have a “Bionic Bar” where you order your drink with a tablet and it’s mixed by a robot. The ship uses RFID wristbands to rapidly process passengers on and off the ship. And they have Xbox Live stations, streaming content and video chat capability. The ship’s maiden voyage is scheduled in November from New York City to China. Read more at

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