Top News for August 19, 2014

Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for August 19, 2014:

  1. HTC this morning announced a new Windows Phone. It’s called the HTC One M8 for Windows. Read more at

  2. What if US nuclear reactors suffered a digital meltdown? That hasn't happened. But within the past three years, Nuclear Regulatory Commission computers were successfully hacked by foreigners twice and also by an unidentifiable individual, according to NextGov. Read more at

  3. A company called Fuhu just unveiled some big Android tablets. Really big. One’s got a 24-inch screen, and the other a 20-inch screen. They’re called Big Tab tablets, and they’re aimed at kids and families. Read more at

  4. As you likely know, Google's YouTube service is launching a music service. But what are the details and how will it differ from Apple iTunes, Pandora and others? Here are some details. Read more at

  5. Think of the children! That’s what Google is doing, apparently. the company plans to offer Google accounts for kids under the age of 13. The special accounts would be set up by parents, and offer Gmail and YouTube with parental controls, according to an exclusive on the site, The Information. Read more at

  6. Much like Microsoft's Office 365 cloud service and Adobe's subscription moves, Symantec is overhauling its Norton security lineup into an all-in-one subscription service. Here with analysis is Harry McCracken. Read more at

  7. In an exclusive, The Register is reporting today that London’s Metropolitan Police have been lobbying phone makers for more than two years to ship all smartphones locked with passcodes out of the box. The purpose of the move is to deter theft. Research shows that three out of five people never set passcodes on their phones. Under the London Police’s plan, each phone would either come with a pre-set pin code, or the setup would require users to set their own. Read more at

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