Top News for August 15, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for August 15, 2014:

  1. We told you July 16th about a TechCrunch exclusive that reported Samsung in talks to buy the home-automation startup, SmartThings, for $200 million. Well now the deal is done. Read more at

  2. Microsoft builds Snapchat-like WindUp for Windows Phone. Read more at

  3. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Apple plans to ship the first sapphire iPhone 6 and smartwatch screens this month. Apple’s $700 million factory will produce at full capacity twice as much sapphire as the rest of the world’s manufacturers combined, according to the article. Read more at

  4. We've been covering Google's Android Wear plaform for some time. And now, Google is advertising it. Here's one of four ads that appeared online today. Read more at

  5. The celebrity gossip site TMZ posted pictures of what they claim is probably the first photos ever published of a fully assembled iPhone 6. Sadly, the pictures show a well-known Chinese knock-off that runs Android. Any iPhone blogger can easily spot the problems with the image -- and several already have. For starters, TMZ's phone is running what looks like iOS 7, rather than iOS 8. Second, the Mail app is called Email. And as 9to5Mac’s Benjamin Mayo pointed out today, the typeface for the Calandar app is wrong. Read more at

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