Top News for August 13, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for August 13, 2014:

  1. Samsung is having a bad year. Credit rating agency Fitch Ratings yesterday predicted further decline by the company. And another analyst slashed his price target for Samsung’s stock, telling investors to “react now before it’s too late.” But today, Samsung release new phones made with metal, rather than plastic. Read more at

  2. In other Samsung news, the company has been rumored to be working on a virtual reality headset for some time. Rumormongers say the product could be unveiled as early as next month. Samsung isn’t talking. But the Verge’s Chris Ziegler got exclusive access to a picture of the headset, which is codenamed “Project Moonlight.” Read more at

  3. OnePlus, a new smartphone company launched recently in China, once again finds itself with another marketing disaster on its hands. The company yesterday launched a contest called “Ladies First” in which women were invited to upload pictures of themselves with the OnePlus logo written on their skin or on a card. The winners were to be judged by OnePlus staff, and 50 would be invited to the front of the line for OnePlus One smartphone invitations, plus get a free t-shirt. The contest was immediately labeled as sexist and offensive. The company canceled the promotion, remove all mention of it on their site and apologized, throwing rouge employees under the bus for the error. Read more at

  4. Twitter rolled out a beta product today called Promoted Video. The new ad format will charge advertisers on a cost-per-view basis. Read more at

  5. A scandal has emerged in South Korea after footage was broadcast by a Korean TV station showing women being harassed on the street and pressured into coming inside wireless carrier stores for an aggressive sale pitch. The video shows in one case a salesman grabbing a woman’s phone, refusing to give it back until she comes into the store. In other cases, salespeople physically grab the hands of some women and literally pull them inside. Read more at

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