Top News for April 7, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for April 07, 2014:

  1. Google may soon launch a platform called Android TV. Verge writer Sean Hollister got his hands on documents and screenshots that reveal Google's plans, and he wrote an exclusive about it over the weekend. Read more at

  2. A new Google Glass app unveiled at the NAB show lets you stream live video from Google Glass live. The app comes from Livestream, which is a popular live-streaming service that specializes in enabling live video from a variety of devices, including smartphones. The new glassware also enables the person wearing glass to get messages back from people commenting on the video. They can then respond back by talking. Read more at

  3. Amazon unveiled small Wi-Fi enabled barcode scanner called the Dash. When you use it to scan the bar code of a can of soup or box of cookies, the item is placed on your Amazon Fresh shopping list. (Amazon Fresh is that company’s grocery delivery service, which is currently available only in a few cities). You can also talk into the device to place an order. Read more at

  4. Everybody wants to get into the TV show creation, apparently. We’ve told you about recent announcements about plans for original programming from Amazon and AOL. Over the weekend we learned that both Yahoo and Microsoft are radically expanding their plans as well. Yahoo is close to ordering four web-based TV series, according to The Wall Street Journal. Microsoft's Xbox Entertainment Studios has already committed to six TV shows with more than a dozen projects in development, according to Bloomberg. Read more at

  5. A startup that makes an Android lockscreen app called Cover announced a few minutes ago that it has been acquired by Twitter, and Twitter has confirmed the news. The announcement was vague on future plans, but did say it that smartphones can be a lot smarter — more useful and more contextual. Read more at

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